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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a structured conversation which helps

you gain new insights and equips you to reach your goals.



What is the difference with psychotherapy?


Although coaching uses some of the tools and knowledge of psychotherapy, the main difference is that it is a short term and solution oriented approach and does not address deep traumas.

Coaching and therapy can complement each other, and while people work simultaneously with a coach and a therapist, others use coaching after therapy.



Who is coaching for?


Coaching is for those who want to be proactive in their lives.

Many people are overwhelmed by too many obligations or conflicting demands.

Others face difficult situations at work or in their relationships.

Some people use coaching for self-development.



What does a coach do?


A coach is a professional who listens to you in a non-judgemental way and is focused on guiding you.

A coach facilitates your thought process and asks different questions to help you gain clarity.

A coach will support and encourage you to take action.


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