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My Services

Depending on your needs, I am happy to offer the following options:


Discovery: explores a specific issue, provides insights and enables you to make a decision

or change a behaviour.


One 2 hour session is generally enough. Price: 160 euros.


Life path: helps you define goals in an area of your life, explores your options,

and creates strategies to move towards your goals.


An initial discovery session lasting 2 hours followed by four 90-minute sessions over 2 months. Price: 640 euros.


Life changer: defines your life purpose, clarifies your values and beliefs, explores your options

and helps you implement major improvements in your life.


Ten 90-minute sessions over 5 months. Price: 1200 euros.



Sessions are normally scheduled once every 2 weeks

They can be done in English or Danish or French.

Sessions take place either in Kraainem or Schuman area.


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M. +32.497.476627



Consultations in English, French and Danish in two locations:


106 Wezembeeklaan 1950 Kraainem (near Stockel)


7 Rue Le Titien 1000 Bruxelles (near Schuman)