My mission.


I believe we have the power within

ourselves to transform our life.


Sometimes a spark is all that is needed

to light your fire and illuminate your

path to a happier, more fulfilled life.


My purpose is to guide you on this

fabulous journey of discovery.

Enabling women to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

What you will achieve:


Coaching helps you to: be more positive, set boundaries, increase your self-confidence,

achieve results with greater ease,

and make the right choices.

When is coaching useful?


When we face major transitions:

mid-life crisis, illness, divorce, grief, relationship or work issues…

When we are feeling confused, overwhelmed, depressed or stuck…


When we aspire to personal or professional growth.



Enabling women to live happier lives by being true to their nature.

Discover your energy, find your purpose and love your life.



Love your life



M. +32.497.476627

Consultations in English, French and Danish in two locations:


106 Wezembeeklaan 1950 Kraainem (near Stockel)


7 Rue Le Titien 1000 Bruxelles (near Schuman)